Sons of Anarchy Season 7 portraits by James Minchin

This show is so fucking amazing.

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Things I’m still getting used to / I miss from Las Vegas:

- my fave sushi place
- my fave donut place
- cappriottis
- chipotle
- any kind of Mexican food
- mainly food, they have really good food here but it’s just, different.
- getting paychecks (my new job pays total SHIT but I love it so much I don’t want to quit, I need to get a second job, kill me)
- forever 21
- everything being cheaper
- nice targets/low prices at target
- being able to cruise down a road at 40mph. People here DRIVE SO SLOW. (20mph all the time, no matter what)
- the big wide roads
- knowing where I’m going
- sort of miss how the people are more interesting/eccentric? Idk people I work with/people I’ve encountered here are tame as hell. But at the same time all of the different personalities in Vegas meant dealing with some real assholes.
So maybe it’s not a bad thing.
- MISSY/ANTHONY HANGS. Even though they were rare due to life stuff, we don’t have very many friends.

I still love it here SO MUCH, the only thing that will forever drive me CRAZY is the driving. People can not drive here. I could get out and run to work faster than driving due to all of the Canadians on the road/slow drivers.
Canadians can be annoying. And they drive the cost of EVERYTHING UP. Target has everything marked up probably 30% higher than normal due to the influx of canadians.

Things I’ve tried to start a conversation with my new coworkers about that they didn’t have any interest in so the conversation kind of just closes to a hault and leaves us with a really awkward silence:

- Harry potter
- the office
- pretty much anything worth watching
- music?
- any funny you tube video
- llamas
- sons of anarchy
- cats/deer/bunnies/dogs
- astrology
- amazon prime
- the yummy crepe restaurant in town
- disneyland
- animal crossing new leaf

I did get desperate to talk about SOMETHING once. So I brought up how they test animals for rabies by decapitating them. Which is way to heavy for work and idk why I did that but it did get a conversation started.

The girls I work with are straight out of some sort of portlandia sketch…

I need to get new roommates, these two are weird.

I need to get new roommates, these two are weird.


ryan howard is everything

I don’t know how I’m going to do this ‘get up every morning at 6 and actually get dressed’ thing. Wow.

You want 13$ an hour?
- a phd, 5 masters degrees, two highschool diplomas, all honors classes
- 75 years customer service experience
- minimum 150 wpm
- required you know every program, every single one
- be able to take 5 calls at the same time while wrestling an alligator
- feed your pets to the alligator
- wipe the boss’ ass with gold foil that you melted down your self from gold that you panned out of a river yourself from somewhere in South Africa


UFO stuff.
Caleb Morford